Frequently Asked Questions

The Imagine Church Easter Egg Drop is free for pre-registered participants only. As soon as the pre-registration is full, the event will be closed. There will be no on-site registration.

Because of the popularity of the event, we’ve had people find out about it and drive from up to an hour away. While that’s awesome that there is so much enthusiasm, we created this originally as a local event so serve our community. To that end, we created a pre-registration code that gets mailed out to Westfield residents in our Imagine Spring postcard mailer. Watch for it to hit your mailboxes between March 19-25. If after a few days there are still spots available, we open the registration to everyone else.

If you live outside of our mailing area and haven’t been able to participate, we’re truly sorry! As much as we would like to have everyone join us for this awesome event, we have to limit our numbers due to space and volunteers. We simply cannot fit everyone who would like to participate and that bums us out. As we continue to grow in years ahead, we hope to continue adding more spots.

The Imagine Church Easter Egg Drop is a FREE Easter Egg Hunt open to our community for children up to age 10. This event is put on and hosted by Imagine Church.
Date: Saturday, April 4, 2015
Time: Check-In & Activities begin at (location coming soon).  The helicopter drop and age-appropriate hunts will begin at (location coming soon)
Where: Location to be announced soon!
What:  15,000 plastic Easter eggs will be dropped by a helicopter onto 3 age-specific areas in the fields
We feel your pain! Because this is a free event put on by Imagine Church and staffed by volunteers, we can only accommodate a limited number of children (800 this year).

Every year the event fills up faster and faster (last year we maxed out just 36 hours after registration opened!) and there’s no good way of giving everyone a chance to get in without people getting left out.

As much as we would like to have everyone join us for this awesome event, we have to limit our numbers due to space and volunteers. We know that means that every year there are many of you who can’t participate and we’re so sorry! As we continue to grow we’ll add more spots.

Yes!  A full size helicopter, compliant with all laws and permits, will drop thousands of plastic eggs onto the fields before the egg hunt! But don’t worry, everyone will be standing in a safe area away from where the eggs are being dropped.  After the eggs are dropped, the kids (in age-appropriate zones) will be allowed to gather them up and redeem them for candy at our Candy Stations.
Yes, every child must pre-register in order to participate. The registration link will be posted on our home page and our Facebook Page when registration is open. Because of the size of the event, we cannot allow any families to participate that have not pre-registered.
In the event of inclement weather, please check the web site for details about rescheduling and/or location change. If you are  pre-registered, we will email you with any date or venue changes.
We have split the Easter Egg hunt into three age-appropriate zones:

  • ages 1-3
  • age 4-6,
  • age 7-10.

Each age group will be separated from the other age groups so younger children will be just fine. We will also have activities (such as the toddler zone inflatable) that is geared towards kids 3 and under.

To ensure that all children get enough candy, all children will take their gathered eggs and redeem them at “Candy Stations”.  Only children who are registered and have hand stamps will be able to exchange eggs for candy
Only parents of 1-3 year olds will be allowed to help their children on the field.  The other age groups will hunt for their eggs with authorized and safe Imagine Church Egg Drop volunteers.  Parents will be able to watch their kids, and encourage them from the boundary lines, just a few feet from the actual egg hunt field.  This ensures that over-zealous parents don’t grab all the eggs and ruin the event for other children. :-)
We are staggering the hunt times.  This provides ultimate safety and ensures a parent can give full attention to their children in each age specific zone.  The staggered hunt times are:

ages 1-3 @ 2:30 PM

ages 4-6 @ 2:45 PM

ages 7-10 @ 3:00 PM

There is plenty of parking available this year with our new location at Grand Park. You can choose to park in the South parking lot (enter off of W 186th St) or the North parking lot (enter off of W 191st St).